European Youth Empowerement - Festivals (EYE-F)





The project will carry out activities tailored to promote citizens' understanding of the EU, promote civil society participation and provide, in particular, platforms for discussing the future of Europe. The project aims to promote a strong European identity and to improve mutual understanding between current members and new EU Member States.
The project discusses European solidarity by involving a younger generation of our communities in the series "Empowering European Youth - Festivals (EYE Festivals)". These festivals are created to enable young Europeans to meet and share their experiences as European citizens, to learn about the current state of Europe and to understand the historical context and the future significance of the Union. The target group and beneficiaries are young people.

Project partner organisations and implementation

The project would be implemented by seven organisations and its activities take place in six EU and non-EU countries: Lithuania, Finland (coordinator), Italy, Greece, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Project implementation in 2019-2021.

Project aim

The project aims to develop of a true sense of solidarity among communities and develop results which can be easily disseminated and form a basis for increased understanding among nations.


By recognizing past achievements in EU history and developing dialogue and debate on these moments as a means of highlighting the EU's strengths as a force for peace and solidarity.

By promoting mutual understanding between young people and appreciating past efforts for solidarity between peoples, it is possible to develop understanding and develop ways of promoting the moral values of the EU.


The partners will collaborate on the creation of five (5) EYE festivals in different countries, utilizing the LARP (Live Action Role Play) programs and learning from past European achievements of inter-ethnic consensus.

The 1st event will host a panel discussion, present country polls, participate in the EYE Festival Competition, provide information on EU volunteering schemes, and provide training and workshops on EU achievements on LARP

From the 2nd event. In addition, there will be an organizational culture evening with music, dance and food presented by visitors to each delegation. Other events have the same content as the first + LARP. In addition, each activity focuses on the involvement of the local community and youth to create intercultural dialogue between project communities. This provides an opportunity to learn, share and debate on the future of Europe and to learn about past EU achievements.