Dissemination and valorization activities were planned and implemented during the whole V-CODE project, and by all project partners. Project activities and results were spread during different channels before, during and after each event. Each project partner made efforts to assure that all relevant agencies were kept informed of and/or engaged in project activities.

Social media tools were used mostly as they are low-cost and effective - to inform about up-coming event, to invite potential participants, to spread information and results after the events trying to reach all levels: local authorities, local communities, voluntary organisations, universities and other institutions. Each partner used appropriate tool, e.g. websites, networks of partners, Also direct contact with potential local organisations was reliable and worth, as usual.

We tried to gather all links to different dissemination sources into one place. They are published at the link below. That is websites, Facebook, Youtube, etc.

The Final Conference was organised at the end of the project and served as a tool for dissemination of project results to the audience beyond the project through direct participating at the conference and workgroups. The conference was live-streamed to reach broader audience, and the record is published on youtube and is useful for those who are working spreading the idea of volunteering and looking for good examples and solutions, for volunteers, voluntary organisations, local governments, universities, and others. Other EU countries could find conference information interesting and useful, too. More information about the conference is published in the description of the event: Final Conference.

Moreover - constant survey was made before and after each event and that helped much to understand the context in each participating country, to analyse differences and similarities, to catch some innovative aspects of the formed partnership, benefits and weakness, etc. With the direct and enthusiastic involvement of project expert Thomas A. Bryer, whos is a visiting professor at Kaunas University of Technology, research papers were drafted on the basis of this data and presented during the international conferences outside project territory:

After the Final Conference a short movie presenting the V-CODE project, Europe for Citizens Programme in the European Union and promoting volunteerism was created and recommendations to foster volunteerism at local, national and EU levels compiled based on project findings and project material. The recommendations were sent to the Members of the European Parliament elected in partner countries: Lithuania, Latvia, Poland, Netherldans, Italy and UK

  • A short movie presenting the V-CODE project, Europe for Citizens Programme and promoting volunteerism >>>
  • Recommendations to foster volunteerism in the European Union >>>

Project partners believe that V-CODE project results will be used and will have positive effect for longer period than the project itself.


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