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Welcome to Europe: 3i - inclusion, integration & internationalisation

With the support of the Europe for Citizens Programme of the European Union


The project aims to address negative attitudes towards immigrants and destigmitize the current attitudes towards refugees and asylum seekers while identifying best practices related to the inclusion and integration of these members into local communities. Knowhow will be exchanged on the use of local cultural amenities as a means to achieve this in addition to examining how front line public officers can deal with this situation.

To achieve this we will organise 5 public seminars in which these issues will be debated on and best practices identified and shared. Focus will be on local community involvement in order to create intercultural dialogue between project members. This will provide a platform to learn, share and debate on issues related to the future of Europe. Locals will be encouraged to participate and give their voice to these key issues, but also learn from good practises implemented in other countries.

Practical applications of the aims will be a key consideration for all results in addition to projecting the final outcomes to as a wide an audience as possible. A “Welcome to Europe: 3i” manual will be produced in addition to project website with special attention being paid to the use of social media as a means to spread the result.

Participating countries: Finland, Italy, Lithuania, Montenegro, Sweden.

Gal turite klausimų?

Gal turite klausimų?

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A. Mickevičiaus g. 37-104,
Kaunas, Lietuva, LT-44244
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